The intension for this server is to give information about spacepeople related material who are mainly based on channeling and personal experience. The information focus is primary on galactic affairs and spiritual interdimensional topics.

GALACTIC INFORMATION SERVICE.                              

                                                                                                                                                                          Mars pictures


                                            THE BASE OF RUNE ØVERBY

              ERKJENNELSER Kjell Rune Sørpolls base



NORWEGIAN CENTER FOR COSMIC AWARENESS      Kjell Christensen memorial base          Operation Earth                                                                                   


     Central Cropcircle Base                                        Kate Bush resource site



                                                                               How to contact Extraterrestrials        How to contact alien Mermaids






 Meiers kontaktnotater fra møter med Semjase     Lobsang Rampa information base



              Fredrik Rastens base                         Global voice chat system              The multidimensional energypattern for Oslo  




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