picture of the real Mirim River where this human-looking ETs had an "unknown"plant-development base in the deep jungle, in the late 60ths. The ufo's attached is not necessarily just like those used by these ETs  

Intro to this ufo-contact-case: the businessman L.Pallman met a strange man in India on a traintravel in-64, who helped poor people and had abilities out of this world. His appearance was like white Europeans, but some kind of "strange and unearthly" - and his beautiful claimed sister Xiti like. He got a special ring from this man, a kind of communication-device! So he had more meetings with them back in-64. Some years later Pallman had a business travel to Lima, Peru where he heard some stories of white people having a kind of plantation upside the Mirim-river. Those informations made him remember the notable things he had met in India some years back. But later Pallman got very sick, and was sent to a hospital in Lima "only waiting to death".  Then one night when he hoped to die to get rid of the terrible pains - this Xiti appeared by his bed, and healed him spontaneous. No,no- she was not an astral angel - and the next day when he came out of the hospital (the nurses and doctors meant it was a miracle) - he shared the two next days with Xiti there in Lima. And then he joined her in a trip to visit the plantation-base that those human-looking ETs had in the deep jungle by one of  the tributary of Jurua River - Mirim River, which is on the border of Peru and Brasil.

My study-notes from:

"Ufocontact from Itibi-Ra"

Mirim River near the Amazonas area;
This is the second largest and the most voluminous tributary of the Juruá River in Acre territory. It springs forth on milestone 65 from the Brazil-Peru border.

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The German-borne mill-machine seller Ludwig Pallman had decided to try a sale-push in the big India in 1964. He was really a linguist, able to talk many languages. He travelled by train but didn't really succeed in the business in neither Bombay nor Calcutta, but took it as a kind of tourist-trip. So he bough a ticket for Madras down south on oct10-64.

Madras station

In his compartment, opposite to him, sat a some strange, but weldressed, nice man with authority. He said his name was Satu-Ra. They began to talk, but after some time Pallman noticed..:

"… I was shocked when I saw that his voice came from a device on his chest - rather than from his mouth."

…"as we entered into conversation, I noticed a peculiarity about his speech. Although - as I have already mentioned - his english was impeccable, and he spoke fluently enough, yet there was always a slight but definite hesitation before he spoke. It was, as if he were making the mental effort to say the first word, after which all the others would come spontaneously…"

At some point, the train stopped, and at the station a lot of poor and sick people were gathered. Then this strange man went out and gave those poor people some kind of tablets! Pallman was surprised! When the train started again the stranger took Pallman with him into the poor-class in the train, and there he went about, healing and giving those poor sick travelers those same "tablets" - and within some minutes he saw recovery and quick changes for the better. Again true amazement!

picture not of the case- just to illustrate

After the traintravel together with this SATU-RA they went apart - Pallman to a hotel in Madras, thinking of his remarkable trip. After some time a messenger suddenly came to his hotel-door, and bid him to come to a certain house, a mansion, to where he took a taxi! It was a museum-art gallery, and only Satu-Ra was there in this big house!! Inside he showed him some art of the 'far Indian gods in flying sources', and later he also found similar god/saucer art of pre-columbian gods.

How Satu-Ra looked like:

"..he had the light brown skin of a Eurasian, huge dark eyes, a rather small mouth, and an unusual chin line. The lower part of the jaw looked slightly deformed. Then there were those fingertip- gloves, which he seemed to wear all times. Even though the weather was extremely hot. Above all, there was this peculiarity of speech, this complete reliance upon an electronic gadget to reproduce his voice.."

There - in that mansion - he got a special gold-ring from him, which he claimed was many time 10000years old, with a diamond, and it was a kind of communication -device also he said!

Again Pallman was surprised of the function of the translator-device, that he first had believed was a kind of hearing aid.


The next day Pallman wished to think these odd things through, so he went down to the shores of Ganges. A lot of people were there - most poor and sick, plus beggars, who hoped to get healed by the sacred river. He found a more empty place by the shore, but had not been there so long, before this same Satu-Ra again appeared:

"I thought I would find you here," he said brightly. He was followed by several very old, sick men and women, walking at the river praying. Satu-Ra then asked Pallman to join him there, doing healing and consolation, which he did the rest of that day. There he also met the sister of Satu-Ra - named Xiti. She was clothed more like the local poor people, for not getting too much attention. But she did get attention - as she was very beautiful, but most because she made the same healing to those poor people as her brother. She also used an ointment - with very healing capacities.

Pallman had one more meeting with them while he was in India. And as before, they just knew where he was and just found him.


Pallman says he left India 27.oct -64, full of questions regarding Satu-Ra and his claimed, beautiful sister Xiti. His only physical proof for himself was the ring he had got from him, which lit up in a strange way. He brought it to a jeweller in Switzerland, who meant it was some very antique jewellery. (picture)




As his business was to sell milling- machines, he was at the end of -66 in Lima, Peru - in the same business. This was more than 2 years after his remarkable adventures in India with those odd people.

He met many different people there in Peru, and also an Austrian young man from Innsbruck working as a guide into the wild deep jungle by the Yavari-river. He told Pallman he had met some white people deep inside the jungle, who had helped him, when he got a deadly fever. They had had some abnormal fingertips and Pallman got interested in hearing more. The guide had also got miracle-tablets from them he claimed. Nobody in the small cities there believed him when he was telling this, as "no white men had ever been up there" they meant.

This Austrian-born guide also sold on credit some things to the Indians living up the river, but had problems "getting paid". He though preferred that kind of free life rather than the plain, civil life in Europe he said.

But back to Pallman himself:

At one time while there - he had very big pain because of kidney disease, and he had to look up a hospital in Lima, hoping he would rather die as liberation from the terrible pain. Then he tells, in the middle of the night, suddenly came one he had met some years before - Xiti - Satu-Ra's sister! She suddenly was there by his bedside - and he hadn't had any contact to her since the India-stay. And yes - his ring glowed as it had done before he had had those meetings with them in India!

No, no - she was not only an astral visitor, and so he got one of those miraculous tablets he had seen used in India. It was as an answer to his prayers he says. "..but how had she known where to find me?"

"…a faint light reflected from the jewelled talking device that I had last seen in Benares. Still without speaking, Xiti stretched out her hands to me. Her sensitive fingers, from which she had removed the protective finger-tip gloves, ran lightly over my face with gossamer touch. I did not know how long she had been in the room before she revealed her presence. I do not know how long her healing fingers soothed my sweating, fevered face. But I do know that what with her ministrations and the swift effect of the tablet, the pain eased from my body and I wallowed in the peace."

"I was free of pain. Even the fever left me. In that moment, I took Xiti into my arms, inhaling the sweet strangeness of her lovely body. Because of the closeness of our embrace, Xiti, hiding her mouth behind a minute veil of silk - I later found out that they use this order to avoid infection - struggled to free herself, pouring broken little melodic nothings into my receptive ears."

"Xiti stayed with me. We saw dawn come grey-rose, saw the catholic sisters make their way to chapel, heard their singing to welcome the new tropical day. It was then that I asked her question that had been bothering me; how did she know I was in south -America - in Lima - in this hospital?"

…."you shall be free of pain for six of your months".


"And right she was. All this may be checked by any one of my readers: I became the miracle patient of the famous Maison Francais Hospital in Lima, Peru. When the doctors came around to put me on the operating table, I had already eaten a very heavy breakfast, a thing I had not done for almost three weeks. I had gotten out of bed, a new man in need of a hot and cold bath. Feeling perfectly well, I had ventured outside and eaten in one of the little Chinese coffee-shops, the Chifas, as they are called in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

Xiti was right. I was able to report that I had not so much as a single twinge of pain, nor, although I was not to know it at that time, despite Xiti's optimism, did I have any symptoms of kidney trouble almost exactly the time she had indicated. I never experienced during the ensuing year, without so much as a cold, a headache, toothache, or any other ache or pain to which man is heir."

"The catholic sisters were ready to believe in a miracle, the doctors continued to raise their eyebrows. …"well, hm, well- said the puzzled surgeon - you are as fit as a flea"

Later he had a meeting with Xiti in one of the better hotels in Lima, and he says people stared much at her, seemingly discover her abnormal, some unearthly look.

"During the next few days, I was able to find out many things concerning the precautionary measures protecting Xiti. It is an interesting fact that Xiti's feeling of security is connected with the kindness and superior intelligence of these people. Their belief that no human being on earth can really harm them, because of what she called "amat mayna" or their "science of soul" - we do not understand. They are able to read our very thoughts and not only are they able to take their precautions but may be able to influence our thoughts, should this be necessary - because of security reasons. It was evident that I was very curious about this.

When I asked her about it, she did not want to explain, and only much later was I able to get the details about their precautionary measures.

For two days I had the pleasure of wandering through public and private libraries, museums, an English club, churches, shops, supermarkets, up and down the famous Calle de la Union. As we could not speak to each other while in public, we appraised everything by the touch of our hand or little gestures. Because of the wonderful physical and mental wellbeing after days and weeks of pain, I looked upon this short time I spent with Xiti as the happiest couple of days in my entire life. A period of convalescence. Perhaps this was all due to the life-saving tablet she had given me. If I come to think of it, my mental "clairvoyance" during these days was simply extraordinary. It was the first time that I understand the way these people feel about "time". I really understood how they feel about "life".




He joined Xiti to travel back to their deep-jungle-base, where they grew special plants. And first they had to take the train from Lima - as they did on 17.feb-67, 07.45. First up and past the Andes.

"We had booked two tickets to Huancayo, where Xiti had told her brother Satu-Ra would be waiting with transport. I did not ask her how she had communicated with her brother. I took it for granted that if they wanted to do something, they would do it, even though an ordinary mortal such as myself might have difficulty in accomplishing what was to be done".

Satu-Ra met them in the Andes - in Huancayo, and so they took a wreck of a taxi some further:

"Soon after leaving Huancayo, we passed some Inca ruins. These were the first I had seen, and Satu-Ra kindly stopped the car in order that we might take a closer look at the ruins."

Then the car brought them to the lake Junin, with the snow-covered Andes in the background at sunset, and the taxi-wreck returned. Then Pallman got a little shock:

Maps of the region where they traveled


"At that very moment the sun had disappeared, I saw my first "flying saucer" and at the time as it settled down gracefully and easily on the surface of the lake, I saw the shepherd (who just was there when that happend) disappear with the speed of a hunted rabbit."

They were then taken into the craft and to "some kind of antiseptic reception quarter".

"Immediately I became aware of the biological, vegetational, cellular structure -similar to soft polyethylene - embellished with exquisite design and symbols. Only the floor was a little harder, and I suppose the reason for this must be its mirror-like quality. Through this floor, you could see like a surgeon would be able to see your brain. You could see a billion nerves and bloodvessels, it was like looking into the living cells of a giant's overdeveloped brain…"

"There was nothing mysterious about the actual "flight". I felt completely safe and relaxed. As a matter of fact, I did not even know how long the flight had lasted. Inside the craft there was a discreet hum, the rhythm like sound associated with low voltage waves, or with turbines, as I thought then. Evidently the reverberations I had heard and felt when observing the flying saucer settle, were either linked with particular manoeuvres or were merely externalised noise."


lake/Lago JUNIN up and down here

lake JUNIN (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Junin)
Lake Junín, known as Lago Junín in Spanish and Chinchaycocha ("Northern Lake") in Quechua, is the largest lake entirely within Peru. Even though Lake Titicaca has a much larger area, its eastern half is located on Bolivian territory. Located at approximately 4082 m (13393 ft) above sea level, it is an important birdwatching destination in the country.

Most of the lake is located in the Junín Province of the Junín Region, its northwestern tip belongs to the Pasco Province, which is in the Pasco Region.

"…there was so much I wanted to know, that she hardly knew where to begin. Then I was invited to the most controversial breakfast of my entire life. Instead of toast, eggs and bacon, I found the gelatinous looking plants from their planet impossible to eat and I tried the complicated arrangement of small containers from which I was supposed to sip…"



…"the 'eye-centre unit' was some kind of an activated memory, a transmitting and receiving center, similar to our brains. The amazing thing is, that I was able to experience later, how this individual brain of the "saucer" became part of the giant system of cosmic generator-brains, and in particular, how this great individual unit had to be considered a minute part of the great memory computer on the home planet itself."


"..during that first day that I stopped at my observation post, the eye-room was focused for long periods of time on the home planet - ITIBII-RA 2. Satu Ra kindly arranged this in order that I might acquaint myself with the kind of life that the Itibii Ra-yans lived when they were not exploring the universe in their flying sources. So it was that I saw their methods of transportation, their food-processing installations, their "biological" machinery and their instruments.

I even listened to a concert and 'invaded' some of their homes - as the "eye" made one feel as if one was actually going to these places (also described similar equipment in many other contact cases).

"I liked their domestic architecture and layout. Most of their homes were built along riverbanks and the sides of lakes and other waterways. Their architecture was unlike any I had seen on earth, except in futuristic exhibitions. They delighted in dominant colors - a vivid orange being particularly favored.

"They practice hydrotherapy for internal and external cures, using the right texture, temperatures, flavors and minerals of many different waters."

"…everybody I observed through the 'eyegenerator', looked filled of happiness. Everybody seemed to be smiling, young and old. There didn't appear to be many unhealthy people.

"…smiling certainly seemed to have a therapeutic effect on these people - there was an atmosphere of calmness and serenity. No one seemed out of patience. Nobody appeared to be in a hurry. Nobody seemed angered nor disgusted.

" I was so engrossed in what I was living trough - for this is the best way to describe how I spent the first day inside the flying saucer, that I could not absorb all the details of what I saw and heard. Later on - in the quietness of what they call the "health centre of the craft", I was able to collect my thoughts - go over my recollections, and make some proper notes in the diary that I kept using mostly shorthand.



picture of the river Galves and Mirim - and in this region/nearness was one of the "plantations" in -67, (they said they had similar other places) and the local Indians saw this as quite natural, as they also cooperated and got rides in the ufo's of the ETs who also healed and helped them.



-Was in the centre of our galaxy/milky way they said. Is about "five months cosmic-ray time off from our planet" (what that means..?)- and does have a similar nature as planet Earth.


"What intrigued me most about Itibi- Ra 2, was the fact it was fused with two very satellite planets. This Satu Ra explained when I tackled him about it, was a quasar unit with a giant heart. The larger planet was, of course Itibi-Ra II - which I had been observing so closely all day. The third "slave planet" was a much smaller biological body, and merely called 'The Factory'. The Heart planet functioned as an enormous artificial heart, pumping power into the fused planet.

'The Itibi-Ra II engineers had got the power of The Factory by slicing the top off it, rather as if they had sliced off the top of a giant egg. The factory thus became a power mine, whose enormous and virtually everlasting energy, they were able to tap at will.



A long time ago I was informed, the higher civilizations in cosmos came to the conclusion, that all cellular forms of life are sensitive and susceptible to cancer. Because of technical improvement, they say, humanity shall not live longer - but shorter. Because of the self-created artificial life, it is extremely substitutes and artificial conditions, which brings us closer to death. But not only human beings are infested with cancer producing conditions. These "cancer -planets" as our friends call them have fallen to the habit of their surroundings. Because of the permissive age, they have not had the courage and foresight the Itibi-Ra II had - to separate all artificial and mechanical working machinery and research form their normal surroundings. All the dirty work have these wonderful people learned to do automatically and under perfect mechanical conditions on a separate attached "slave planet" - or more correct "factory planet" (Itibi-Ra II word for this was Coxa Xixan).


PLANET EARTH - they name it SIL-SIL-HUA (sil-sil=the chirimoya-fruit) - Earth; as they see as a typical "cancer -planet".

*Was discovered many thousands of years ago -but not by Itibi-Ra II - but from another siv.that the Itibi-Ra's seemingly had contact to - and it's said that "the original explorers here mentioned, disappeared on our planet, and were never heard of again..."

*Itibi-Ra II explorers discovered us/earth in 1946.

Pallman writes in the book:

"…in order to grow new fruits and existing new plant flavours, our friends have brought with them the most interesting specimens of vegetation and they are real biological wonders. Some of these are cross-fertilised and transplanted with plants entirely different to theirs. Plants from our planet and others, are used to produce new taste sensations…


THEIR OWN "Christ- like" figure.

Once in the far past they had also been primitive and meat-eaters. Then came "Talayan" (similar to the Indian word 'mathama') - the greatest religious reformer of their planet, and he gave them THE SEVEN COSMIC COMMANDMENTS - se more on this later.

But as all spiritual teachers, he was also murdered - and his death is remembered during the "Ruessit festival."


THEY also had a football-like game going, and said that these games were to keep the inborn and instinctive fighting condition of their mankind intact.

(yes the football- focus on earth must have a similar intention. rř)



we read about this - and it tells they are:

  • Propelled by cosmic waves.
  • Min 27 -30 ships needed to operate within our solar-system.
  • Power from "carriers" supplying ships.
  • Rocket-testing (as on earth) is "waste of time" regarding real space-travel
  • They had 3 crafts at the time he was at the "plantation" - with only one carrying people, the others supply-vessels.
  • They also had help of some local Indians that helped them on the plantation, which was under green protective sheets. These were first afraid of them, but after healing the wounds and ease their troubles, they soon got accustomed.
  • Xiti answered all the questions he had regarding the crafts and how to travel in cosmos.
  • Itibi-Ra II civ.was forced out of their original planet because the water there ceased!! (high time we here on earth begin to listen to nature, and respect it!!- before it is too late!)
  • They claimed they had no transport-crafts/cars/trains, as ours when this crisis happened - but was only just experts in creating plant-life. So they made "vegetative brains", and exchanged ideas and high-tech from other high-developed civilizations they knew of.
  • So they went to/from their dying planet and moving all kind of life-forms together with all the technical "things" to their new home - Itibi-Ra II.

"These people have created biological craft being absorbed, activated and propelled by tremendous dimensional forces. They have never gotten their priorities wrong. From the beginning of their civ they became friends with the power of their sun and surrounding forces".

  • She also told of planets which had been "lost" in technical thinking, and thereby loosing nature and God (the Whole/All-consciousness), as they think they are the only gods themselves. But the result of this, said Xiti - may be their own destruction by cancer!!




In the jungle of south-America the Itibi-Ra-people, also discovered a lost city they called "Lenislan" - 'the Rome of South-America'. They discovered this hidden city on the 15th of oct-66, by the help of their Indian friends told Xiti. They had then been excavating for several months, until feb1-67, they opened the principal temple of Linislan and found the religious symbol of the "flying man from out of space".

"This symbol was similar to a symbol they had on one of their control panels inside the craft and indeed she (Xiti) showed this to me the next day". (page 159)

The Linislan symbol represent life "creating new matter" and a symbol of the GOD-NATURE, says Pallman on page 169 of the e-book. The book claims the LENISLAN RELIGION gave birth to all the pre-Inca, pre-Maya, and pre-Aztec cultures.


The native Indians in the jungle were not afraid of the crafts of the Itibi-Ra II people he writes - he also witnessed some of them were allowed trips in the ships!!

Pallman had a camera him but it was confiscated by Satu-Ra under the stay at their "camp" - but he got it back when he left the plantation. As always - too convincing proofs of ETs existence here are not allowed  - every mature soul incarnated on Earth, must by his/her own inner recognition, tune into the TRUTH. "They" are not allowed to affect the free choice of us.


The plantation: "..in the front of the actual biology research lab was a wing consisting of several large tents. In these tents were many vegetable "guinea pigs" which had been brought from Itibi-Ra II - had been transplanted, and had been used as required for grafting on to samples of earth vegetation. The object of the grafting operations was to obtain as fine a stream of individual plant life as it was possible to get by uniting the best of earth types with the best of Itibi-Ra II -types.."




From 20.feb67, they decided to take a trip outside the plantation again, and Pallman was allowed to fellow them. He writes about this in the book:

"…the short criss-cross over great altitude and distance was a disappointment. Exactly like the first flight near Huancayo to Mirim Rivar Base, I did not notice, see, hear or feel anything at all. But I did observe, and with the utmost interest, the immediate and very clever control- craft protection carried out in the darkness of what I was able to understand to be a huge delta swamp of the Magdalena river south of Barranquilla, Columbia. Within seconds, the spacecraft had covered itself with a special liquid coming out of million pores which, besides being a perfect element of camouflage and natural colouring, also served as a bacteria and insect repelling agent. This only lasted about 5-10 minutes. When finished, we immediately embarked in two very comfortable and very flat speedboats. These boats were propelled by a tiny and silent generators…"

(seemingly those must have been brought from the home planet - but can not remember anything about this in book-reading. rř)


They intended to buy some special fruit in the town/village Barranquilla:

"Satu-Ra went from fruit stall to fruit stall making a minute inspection of the fruit that was offered for sale…"

They were very close of the quality of the fruit, and Ludwig  was also asked from them to look for seeds from a particular plant - the guayaba plant. He succeeded in this, and later back on the lab-ship (one of the 3 ships at the plantation), they examined the seeds, and reported the result back to Itibi-Ra II.

They went about there for a day and Ludwig got tired - but the Itibi-Ra -people seemed to have no exhaustion problems. (By the way - an exact health analysis of each and every Itibi-Rayan was made by computers during their sleep time on their homeplanet. These data was analyzed by brain-computers, and special treatment was ordered if needed.)

In the town he also bought a camera - despite the Itibi-Ra II -people didn't like cameras:

"I understood that besides certain security restrictions, they simply don not care about their "looks". They are devoid of all vanity, pride or feeling of superiority - I never saw them use a mirror". Satu-Ra with his metaphysic abilities, therefore knew he had bought the camera - so he confiscated it and kept it, but gave it back before the return to Lima on 27feb.



On the last night at plantation, Pallman was allowed to ask Satu-Ra all kind of "the last questions" - as they had now got messages from their home-world, to "go home".

Late in the book Pallman writes: "…to me his (Satu-Ra's) religious wisdom has become a guiding light for my entire life - it is the reason why I began to write this book as soon as I returned to Lima.

Again he warns about the "cancer planet-type":

"..a cancer planet is a universe of its own. A universe, because people on such a planet sincerely believe they do not need God. They have advanced technically in such a way that they have created an entirely artificial pattern of life. They have invented the most sensational machines, gadgets, power equipment, artificial food, color, air, even artificial war-machines and chemical weapons- able to destroy their neighbors. Their artificial way of life has made them believe that they are superior to any other civilization in cosmos.

"Bet God" - Satu-Ra said sadly, "has given them Cancer"

"Their inventions and creations" my friend said, "are not like the Itibi-Ra creations - as they are not working in harmony with God-Nature, nor dos God-Nature work in harmony with them. More than 70% of 5 billion people die of cancer. Still they refuse to believe that cancer is no ordinary sickness. For many years they hope for a cure, a self-made cure against nature. They refuse to believe that God is Nature and Nature is God. They want to feel superior to Cosmophilosophic law, which says: "Disregarding the laws of Nature, is disregarding the laws of God, because God is Nature and Nature is God."


"The Itibi-Ra people are very much concerned with this OUR "cancer-planet", and he called this planet a "total cosmic drop out".



Ludwig Pallman later bought a magnificent house in central -America, with outlook to a big lake and the huge and sombre San Vivente volcano.(pict.down)

 Seem to be in El Salvador- not so far from Honduras and Nicaragua. He did that in the intention to write down all in a book about his unbelievable experiences over those years -regarding the people from Itibi-Ra II:

"On the second day after I had entered into my private paradise, I got out my typewriter and began to write the story of my adventures with the Itibi-Rayans, from the day that I first met Satu Ra on the madras night express."

He felt an obligation to write the book, in spite he knew that probably "no one" would believe him, and the big likelihood for being ridiculed.



Last contact

Ca 2weeks after he had taken over the property on the lake, he was sitting outside writing on the book, when the ring grew hot and was shining in the stone. He knew the Itibi-Ra II ship was not far away, and began watching - it was januar15.-69

He - Satu-Ra arrived some later. And the sad message was that his sister - Xiti - was dead by an accident. He gave Ludwig a metal symbol of a sculpture, a hand holding the flower of the seven Cosmic Commandments: "..and I shall treasure this last delicate memory of a great women as the most touching present I ever received in my entire life."

He mentioned that this many thousand years old relique was of intercosmic origin and not from his home-planet…

It was 15.january 1969…


This last visit to Pallmans house was not so far from the great international airport Ilopnago, and his ship had been seen by many and the story was in the news the following day. Yes, the spacecraft had silently, and for quite a long time, stayed in an observation position directly over the extensive capital town of San Salvador, exposed to the vision of several hundred thousand people!!


Also a neighbour of him had seen the landing of the ship by his home.

(insert picture)


Some more on Itibi-Ra II and its people

Satu-Ra was born in 25aug. in earthyear 1720 = 250 y old when meeting took place.

= early forties as earth-being. Knew his death to be ca year 2220. His parents - both biomedical scientists - were still "incarno" and lived at "Xilox"- a nice dwelling by a river. For a term of 7 years, his father was vice-president on Itibi-Ra II

Children stay by their parent until 5-6years age. Then on an education system on special centres. They are home in holidays. All the system is on love, kindness and respect. Boys and girls in same class, as on the outdoor activities as sport. They are also quite natural to nakedness.

Higher education starts at ca 20, on all different subjects as on earth. Plus what we don't know of here - ex. "the science of nature in action - the relationship of inter-cosmic science - the science of Xati = aromatic food processing.

More; science of intercosmic religion, science of intercosmic development= attachment of neighbouring planets. Etc.

Some get special education they call "fatex". They followed a special leadership course that would enable them to hold high office on any one of the five Itibi-Ra planets that formed their planetary system. This was a vast edu-program for student, but they were helped by 1000s of interplanetary + intercosmic computers. Satu-Ra was 20y on diff.education centres.

Later Satu-Ra joined an intercosmic research team, working mainly over 50y on intercosmic biological research.

In this period, he married several times. 2 of his wives belonged to the same research-team as himself.

On marriage on Itibi-Ra II

Usually a marriage break up when their child/children leaves home at 6year!! Most marriages goes down of boredom. Satu-Ra pointed out that irritation between marriage partners could only be avoided by their complete computability. This was scarce though.

He said that "long-term unions, were not based on permanent sexual love, for passion cannot bloom eternally. Passion is replaced by friendship and companionship, which are other manifestations of love. (Exactly as said in the cosmology of the Danish Wiseman Martinus, 1890-1981. And he told already in the beginning of the 30ths, in his analysis of the transformation in sympathie-centres of developed men, how we are constantly less fitted for living in long-lasting marriages. This because of the real LOVE CENTER IN THE SPIRITUAL PART OF MAN IS OUT-GROWING THE LIMITATION OF THE "OLD" AND LIMITED FORM OF MARRIAGE. So this civ.- Itibi-Ra- are seemingly on this level of collective development - where their growing of their corresponding REAL -spiritual lovecentres - split the instinct-leaded form of "old marrige" based on ownership over the partner. And the natural effect of this is the today's common divorces and brief "falling in love-periods" and similar short marriages. Simply according to the laws of nature - when REAL AND FREEGIVING LOVE OUTGROW THE OLD POSSESSION FORM.  R.Ř.rem)

After "4 women" he- SatuRa- had 3 children. In 1887 he met a women from the "Pentit Sines civilisation" - people there living longer than Itibi-Ra II do. Her name was Mitis and was his BIG and lasting love. They had houses on many places, one of them on "Cotosoti"- near where his aged parents lived. "Mitis still retained her exotic beauty, was possessed of a charming nature - and her love for Satu-Ra, was as enduring as his for her."


They - as a race- had a really free view on sexuality. Yes, it was so free talk about this in the manuscript for the book made out of the conversation with Itibi-Ra people, that the publisher of his book advised him not to take that in, he writes!!



-Was a co-operation of 444civilsations with this "ring". But because of the vast distances involved, the Itibi-Ra -people had not made personal contact to every of these civs. But all had the same schools of Cosmophilosophy.

-They have ONE and only ONE motherland = the whole planet, and only ONE language. The same law for ALL. The same universal system for education and social security.


"Earth, Satu Ra assured me gently, was considered to be an underdeveloped planet, with a warmongering kind of humanity, trying to maintain standards well below those of the average cosmic civilisation. The supreme authority of the cosmic ring had decided to keep a watchful eye on the antics of earth, biding their time until the right moment when by evolutionary process, earth would have reached a stage in its development when it could be admitted to full partnership in the cosmic ring.."

The last chapter is about "cosmophilosophy and the seven Commandments":


"…a new age is dawning on humanity, that all this has happened a million times before on other planets, and that a new social and political structure shall play an important role within on hundred years from now (1967> 2067)

"it is the young people, he mentioned, who shall destroy these spider-webs of prejudiced belief."


The Itibi-Ra II -people have many festivals under a year, fx:

"at the festival of Orus, the Itibi-Ra -people celebrate the human progress and evolution, over the necessity to attack. We have come closer to God, and no longer do we need to attack in order to eat. The main festival of vegetarian belief. During this festival, the finest food of vegetative origin are offered, and people invite their friends and relatives to these banquets. If you come to think about it - our friends have made a wonderful thing out of the fundamental emotions of normal men: a festival to celebrate not only the Sixt and Third Commandments, but also a higher civilisation every year celebrates its victory over brutality and former historical predicaments. The Orus festival can therefore be considered a triumph over war and superstition, hatred and contempt. A true festival of human evolution…"

The last of the book treat this spiritual issues - shown on the THE SEVEN COMMANDMENTS OF COSMOPHILOSOPHY

"What the Itibi-Rayans have done by uniting their entire planet in one and the same religion with the same festivals and celebrations, is in my opinion, one of the main reasons for their social and political progress".


Last insert prayer;


a lot of ufo-observation was done in the area in this period,

and seemingly it is the ITIBI-RA ships captured -  fx;


these are just some of the many pictures in this e-book


Stevens & Elders in an exploring journey in -72 into the jungle to find a lost city that the Indians knew of.

As an appendix in the e-book from Wendell Stevens, he describes a very plodding exploring journey he did together with his later partner in the Meier investigation, Lee Elders. Together with a team of local-familiar Indians.

In Oct -72 they began this research in the nearly impenetrable jungle, looking for hidden old buildings and like. They travelled by horse and the localknown Indians as guides in many days through the jungle, until the saw a top of huge pyramid sticking out above the fog-bank in a valley below them: "it was immense -actually a shaped mountain. It looked like we could be there by noon (the saw it in the morning)- but it took two more days of heavy crawling!" They had to cross a river and the terrain was hilly, broken and nearly impassable out of the dense vegetation also + deadly, dangerous snakes and spiders.

picture of the nearly hidden pyramid taken through the roof of the green cover of the "green hell" in the impassable jungle there. Some similar tell Ardy S.Clarke who went to meso-america-  and wrote a book on it (alternative)


By the pyramid was also a temple, but they could not enter the steep face of a dome without special climbing-equipment. He writes that domes are not to be known in pre-siv. South America. They also found a tomb cavity; "it was of a clean creamy-white stone that showed no chisel or excavation marks, and could not have been smoothed.

.."there was also another feature there, which may have been vertical landing place in that city, 200foot in diameter circular platforms, and three of them in cluster, just like the three circular pads used by the Itibi-Rayans at their plantations. The natives in this vicinity all reported familiarity with the "brothers from the sky"- as they call them."

"We had tried to put together a team to study the city without having to reveal its exact location, a commitment we intended to keep, because we were well aware of what the local government could and would probably do under the circumstances. There was plenty of precedent in the history of the country.

A "Denucia" would be filed, claiming all sovereignty over the land for the state, and the Indians would then be driven off or put on reservation by the state and the state would take over the Jivaria as a Federal property. Hundreds of our friends take over the Jivaria as Federal property. Hundreds of our friends would lose their homes in the process. We had promised not to let that happen."

link to powerpoint view on the ITIBI-RA contact - click enter/space for next picture


This was my notes from the study of this book and also then a summary from the book, which can be found on http://www.ufophotoarchives.com - Site of Wendell Stevens:

this book is worth to spend 15-20dollars on -its a e-book with many more pictures than shown here, and we have the greatest honour to Pallman and later Stevens for bringing this up to the light again.

No, this is not what the "powerpeople behind" want to come forth. They only try to ridicule and strangle such "stories". As they want us all to be caught in the old, untrue world -picture that the greedy/power seeking people of politics and big-banks want us to be trapped into.

Stevens (once an usaf-pilot) is one of (or just THE ONE) most serious and important ufo-investigators in the last half a century, and began his own research and collection effort, eventually amassing the largest private collection of UFO photographs in the world. He began to publish reports on the events, and wrote many illustrated articles for many UFO publications. Disenchanted with the dearth of detail on contact events reported in books and journals of the time, he began preparing detailed reports of his own investigations. He has published more than 22 of these extensive reports in book form. He continues his investigations at his own expense, still seeking the elusive answers to the many questions raised by this phenomenon. Wendelle has been a Director of the International UFO Congress since its inception.

link to powerpoint view on the ITIBI-RA contact - click enter or/space for next picture -  or alternative here if above is down 

Sound/talk on report on this Itibi-Ra case on Norwegian language - mp3 also downloadable by right-clicking        + part 2 of same

Wendelle Stevens talk about ETbases etc./Akakor, (Carl Brugger) in south-am.jungle- mp3 sound

main on contact-studies

another intr contact-case in south-america


Sky People, Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica is the result of a vow made by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke  as a teenager to follow in the footsteps of two 19th-century explorers, John L. Stephens and Frederick Catherwood, who brought the ancient Maya cities to the world's attention. Dr. Clarke set out on a seven-year adventure (from 2003 through 2010) through Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico, collecting stories of encounters, sky gods, giants, little people, and aliens among the indigenous people. She drove more than 12,000 miles, visiting 89 archaeological sites (Stephens and Catherwood visited only 44) and conducting nearly 100 individual interviews.

The result is an enthralling series of unique, original, true stories of encounters with space travelers, giants, little people, and UFOs. Sky People may very well change the way you perceive and experience the world.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Authors Note
PART I - Walking with the Ancients: Exploring Belize
Chapter 1 - The Backward Walking People
Chapter 2 - The Double on Another Planet
Chapter 3 - A Disk in the Sky
Chapter 4 - Men Who walked through Mountains
Chapter 5 - An Endangered Species
Chapter 6 - The Insect Man
Chapter 7 - The Stone Woman of Belize
PART II - Walking with the Ancients: Exploring Honduras
Chapter 8 - A Hole through the Heart
Chapter 9 - The Silver Man from the Stars
Chapter 10 - An Encounter with the Old Ones
PART III -Walking with the Ancients: Exploring Guatemala
Chapter 11 -The Devil Sent Them
Chapter 12 - We Knew our Way around the Universe
Chapter 13 - An Alien Hitchhiker
Chapter 14 - The Sky Men of Quiriguá
Chapter 15 - We had our own Gods
Chapter 16 - Aliens with Red Eyes
Chapter 17 - They are poison
Chapter 18 - The Red-Eyed Reptilian
Chapter 19 - The Shining People of the Red Hand
Chapter 20 - They told me I would not Remember
Chapter 21 - A City that Touches the Sky
Chapter 22 - The K'iche Village Women tell their Story
Chapter 23 - The Star Men of the Guatemalan Jungle
PART IV - Walking with the Ancients - Exploring Mexico
Chapter 24 - In the Land of the Tuhohani
Chapter 25 - Sky Gods in the Heart of the Chiapas
Chapter 26 - Our Elders were Friends with the Wise Men
Chapter 27 - The Place of the Gods
Chapter 28 - He Came on a Beam of Light
Chapter 29 - No one believes the Truth
Chapter 30 - On My Way to Heaven
Chapter 31 - The Dog that no longer Barks
Chapter 32 - An Astronaut named Pakal
Chapter 33 - The Secrets of Palenque
Chapter 34 - They Walk among Us
Chapter 35 - The Space Traveling Maya
Chapter 36 - They live under the Sea
Chapter 37 - I heard they only take Humans
Chapter 38 - The Sky People of Calakmul
Chapter 39 - They come for Something
Chapter 40 - A Missing Brother and a UFO
Chapter 41 - The Aluxes are Aliens
Chapter 42 - The Great Mystery
Chapter 43 - The Healers
Chapter 44 - They avoid Tourists
Chapter 45 - Viva Mexico
Chapter 46 - The Sky Gods Cried Too
Chapter 47 - The Little People of El Rey

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